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I am now 6 years out. Every test has came back clean. I hate using positive and negative. I remember being told I had came back positive to begin with. It just seems strange to hear positive and think it is so negative.

Each time I get any new ache or pain the lingering thougt is always there. Is it back? No one knows how this feels. The panic of being sick again.

I have gone from sleeping all day long to being busy all day long. I have children to taxi around. It is exhausting!

I have fired my endo. I always hated going to his very cramped office. It took half a day to wait. The whole experience every 6 months was a tiny hell. His office did a ton of diabatic patients. I always felt strange being on the younger side and also not there for my diabetes.

I am finally losing a considerable amount of weight. I am extremly happy to have this ability back. I have been exercising and it is great! A couple of years ago it was impossible to just stay awake. It takes a ton of just sheer will to force myself into doing things sometimes. I know it is better to get moving. But getting up and getting in motion can be daunting sometimes.

I always read stories about people feeling better and having more engery and never thought it would be me.

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I am so glad you have switched your endo. I have been on chemo for two years and there is no way to describe the fatigue. However, for every day I wake up free of pain and next to this wonderful man of mine, I am grateful. My situation differs so much from yours. We had 4 children and chauffeuring them to their activities as a full time nurse was exhausting BUT I did not have cancer at that time, I had not had my thyroid removed although have had a partial, I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to be so very young with young children to care for. My heart goes out to you and I hope you have ways of refilling your well.
Jess-Thank you for posting this. I can completely relate to you. I always have cancer in the back of my mind. When I get sick-especially when something is wrong with my throat: I tend to freak out. My daughter is 9 years old. She was five when I went through treatment. My coughing and choking was always a sign to her that I was sick. She covers her ears now when I cough and choke which is a daily occurrence. I am a single mom so I stay strong for her. I am definitely paranoid right now. I have had a cough and sore throat for 7 months. We continue to rule out all causes that are not cancer. CT scans in 1 month.

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February 2, 2011

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September 7, 1977

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Thyroid Cancer

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December 31, 2011

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I'm so tired

it stinks

Let me sleep.

life goes on

So tired I want to cry.

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